About Us

We believe that learning is easy & human transformation is possible & simple

An ISO 9001-2000 company, TF is professionally run and has catered to more than 120 colleges, schools & corporate over the past decade. TF Hyderabad is 8 years old today and without doubt is the No1 brand in spoken English in city. More than 6,000 students are trained in the Hyderabad branch alone every year. With the launch of Unique in 2008, TF has become the most preferred institute for more than 80% Telugu medium students. With programs for everyone, almost every English medium students prefers TF. At TF we are 100% convinced that English Empowerment is our life mission. Anyone with dedication and willpower can learn English by coming to Teaching Fish. We have brought smiles to thousands. Come, let’s all speak great English.


At TF, every student is unique. A close monitoring of each and every student is achieved by weekly monitoring of student’s progress and regular feedback mechanism. Written exercises, oral tests and corrective measures help weaker students to achieve proficiency.

The TF Teacher Training Programmes help teachers to realize their potential and push them to perform at peak levels. New ideas and experiences bring quality to the fore.

Training & placement Cell of Teaching Fish is an ever vigilant centre. It organizes training programs for students towards preparing them for campus recruitment. The TF brand image attracts the best companies to the TF centre. TF meets the huge demand for quality personnel through its result oriented programs which ensure that companies get the best personnel. TF places every year thousands of its students in the corporate sector.

The TF Prayer

I look upon my country and I wonder at its infinite wisdom,

Where for centuries the wisest and the bravest of men walked its land – a Buddha, a Gandhi, an Ashoka an Akbar…..

The treasures of India stop my breath, the incredible range of thought, the source of knowing, the understanding, of man…..

But I look upon India today and I wonder – where is the wisdom and the light?

I see my country and weep in anguish and pain. Poverty, ignorance, hatred, violence, corruption still remain……

A cheap mechanization and deteriorating standards, an empty aping of the west. I walk around in a lost country, amidst lost souls…..

…Oh My Country !

I believe in my country and its deep wisdom that lies buried today.

I see it rediscovering its lost glory, soar effortlessly to yonder heights, enflame its deepest passions, & make trust with glory.

Let us begin small, very small, with just you and me… Let us now arise, awake and stop not till our country has it all!

TF It'S Philosophy

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Sometimes in life the greatest things are just a step away! Welcome to Teaching Fish. TF isn’t merely the biggest Spoken English institute in the country, it’s a community of people learning to discover a away to life. A place where human transformation takes place and the purpose of having a purpose is realised and a new journey begins.

Realising that a serious problem exists in the country’s education system, where students are being churned out with minimum skills and are found wanting in all round development of personality & character, TF embarked upon a mission to bring about a change. In this journey so far, we have left a blazing trail…