Shashank Remella is not the usual CEO. He is a leader with deep-rooted values and a simple mission. A mission to empower people to perform their peak levels.

“I’ve completely fallen in love with the idea that people can be empowered and human transformation is possible. As every day goes by, I am more and more convinced and addicted to this belief.”

CEO and managing Director of Teaching Fish, Shashank, is a motivational speaker and life coach helping 1000’s of peopl to construct lives. His speeches continue to inspire and touch people in a special way.

After a long stint in the corporate world, Shashank inspires the TF team to work with zeal and sincerity. To him TF is both his life’s purpose and his destiny. We at TF, feel it’s ours too.


TF is growing at a rapid pace. The TF ideology has struck a welcome note everywhere. Students flock to TF in thousands.

With 21 major centers established over the past 5 years, it goes without saying that TF is the market leader wherever it goes.

Our branches and franchisees appreciate and commit themselves to the TF cause to empower people.

TF’s legendary commitment to quality at reasonable price, have clearly been instrumental in its extraordinary growth.


A terrible paradox rules our lives today. The character of our nation needs to be addressed. Our society has made our youngsters cynical and unkind who think too much and feel too little, wallowing either in frustration or anger.

TF’s vision is to stem this decay. Establishing holistic schools which empower and impart practical skills and shape the personality and character of our youth is the new found agenda at TF. The TF Character-Personality-Skill Programme is geared to help college graduates and semi skilled professionals tone up their lives.